Risk Management

Risk Management

In its simplest form, Risk Management means knowing at all times:

  • What your risks are.
  • What they mean in financial terms.
  • What can reasonably be done to eliminate or reduce them.
  • What financial resources you have to absorb them economically.
  • What Insurance is necessary for the potential catastrophes, which remain

This approach should form the basis of your Protection Plan. The principles are the same for all enterprises, big and small. Insurance must not be looked upon in isolation as the only real answer to risk. It is conditional and its effectiveness depends on many factors in which the human element plays a vital part. It is a financial system, which, in itself, is incapable of meeting all losses. Human Life, loss of time, lost opportunities for profit and loss of goodwill are but a few examples. Consequently, insurance is better bought last when all other risk management techniques have been adopted. Only then can one expect to secure protection in the fullest sense.

If Risk Management is to be a sound foundation to your protection, top management must be seen to identify themselves with its objectives. The greater the degree of self-insurance, the greater the importance of risk improvement as a basic responsibility.

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