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Zimbabwe Insurance Brokers Limited is offering flexible and cost effective comprehensive insurance cover just for students at tertiary level, so the things you take with you to university or college are covered against loss, theft or damage. We have also extended the cover to provide comfort of paying a semester’s fees when a student’s parent or guardian unfortunately passes on due to an accident. The following are the covers that we have to offer students, so that they can concentrate on their education and we focus on ensuring that they finish their education.

Personal All-Risk Cover

Furniture & Clothing
Zimbabwe Insurance Brokers Limited will provide cover to a student that suffers loss or damage to their property (furniture and clothing) as a result of:
* Fire, lightning, subterranean fire, explosion, malicious acts * Theft from the dwelling through forcible and violent entry or exit

Electronic Equipment & Mobile Devices

Zimbabwe Insurance Brokers Limited will provide cover to a student against accidental physical loss of or damage to their electronic equipment of computers, printers and mobile devices whilst: (a) at school or at rest anywhere within the insured’s premises as specified (b) in transit including loading and unloading or whilst temporarily storedat any premises en route (c) temporarily removed from the insured’s premises to any other location.

Personal Accidents

Zimbabwe Insurance Brokers Limited will provide cover to a student against bodily injury caused by accidental, violent, external and visible means on a 24 hours even during sports participation. Our benefits are as follows:
Permanent Disablement
Medical expenses

Student Legal Expenses Cover

Zimbabwe Insurance Brokers Limited will provide cover for legal representation and expenses to a student as from US$500.00

Accidental Death of Parent or Guardian

Zimbabwe Insurance Brokers Limited understands that the loss of a parent or guardian can hamper a child to finish their studies as they might no one to assist them with money to pay for their education. As a company we will pay up to US$2,000.00 in the event of Accidental death of a parent or guardian, on whom a student is financially dependent on for fees equivalent to one semester. Such a death is to arise solely from bodily injury by external violent and visible means during the period of insurance.

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