Claim Notification

Claim Notification

Claims Considerations

  • Do not under any circumstances admit liability either verbally or in writing or by paying an admission of guilt fines, your insurers need the opportunity to defend you.
  • Advise your broker immediately when you are called on to pay a fine
  • It is essential that all claims or possible claims be advised to your broker immediately even if it be by telephone.
  • Your insurers have the right to assess a loss.
  • Your insurers have the option to repair, replace, reinstate or pay cash.
  • Do not dispose of damaged property and/or salvage until authorised to do so.
  • Do not repair or replace lost or damaged property without obtaining authority from your broker or an Insurance Official (e.g. Adjuster acting from your insurer.)
  • The name of the Third Party, as well as the contact address.
  • The registration number of the Third Party’s vehicle.
  • The name of the Third Party’s Insurance company and the policy number if possible.
  • The name/number of the Police Officer in attendance and the accident report number
  • Names and addresses of any witness.
  • A photograph of the scene of accident including the damaged vehicles where possible.
  • It is essential that you check all Company vehicle drivers’ licences regularly, preferably every 6 months and advise your broker immediately of any endorsements.

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