Motor Insurance

Policies are available to cater for individuals, fleet operators and any other organisation. The covers available are:
Full Third Party
Covers third party liabilities only.
Full Third Party Fire And Theft
In addition to cover for third party liabilities, this cover indemnifies the policyholder for loss/ damage to vehicle as resulting from fire or theft.
Encompasses the covers explained above, and goes on to cover the insured vehicles against damage by accidents.

What to look out for:

Unnecessarily high excesses (your contribution towards claim settlement)
Levels of third party liability cover
Market values of vehicles- advice on how to avoid under-insurance

Excess buy back

You can insure your excess so that the policy meets it in full following a claim.


There are instances where it is more beneficial to retain the risk and make provision for future losses than to pass it on to insurers. We are well positioned to advise on self-insurance.

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