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Who we are

Zimbabwe Insurance Brokers Limited (ZIB) has been in existence for three decades and is currently the only ISO certified broker in the country having been formed in 1985 by the then ZimRe, the largest reinsurance company in the country. It has grown to be among the top players in the insurance broking industry, with offices in Harare, Bulawayo and Mutare. This was achieved through creativity, innovativeness in business retention and development as opposed to mergers and takeovers.

Brief History

Since formation, the company has experienced phenomenal growth through adopting competitive strategies which has made it one of the largest locally owned insurance brokers and a pace setter in the market. In 1994, ZIB was converted into a Public Company through a secondary listing conducted via the Post Office. In 1995, ZIB setup Reinsurance Brokers International (RBI). In 2006, ZIB was ISO certified through the Standards Association of Zimbabwe and to date re-certificated by the same board under the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System, making it still the only broker that has this certification in the country. This is a symbol to its market that the company will always continue to dedicate its operating processes and systems to maintain international standards in servicing its clientele.

We commit ourselves to understanding the risks that may affect your “well being” whether it be on a business or personal level. It has been, and still is, our mandate to guarantee that we do whatever it takes to ensure your insurance issues are catered for as fast as possible. At ZIB we go the extra mile so that you can have peace of mind.

Our Vision

To provide peace of mind

Expertise 94%

Our Mission

We provide tailor made risk management solutions and value to our stakeholders.

Expertise 97%

Our Values

Proactive – We act rather than react
Innovative – We implement new ideas
Competitiveness – We are next to none
Teamwork – We work together
Integrity – We are ethical and professional
Customer Driven – Our customer always comes first

Expertise 97%

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