Short-term Insurance

Assets All Risk

This policy covers tangible property belonging to the organisation or held by them in trust or on commission for which they are responsible. This includes, but not limited to:

  1. Buildings, being office blocks, factories, laboratories, colleges etc
  2. Contents of buildings comprising of furniture, stationery, fixtures and fittings
  3. Plant and Machinery such as transformers, generators, processing plant, etc

The above embraces the following:

  1. Fire and Lightning
  2. Explosion
  3. Earthquake
  4. Non-Political riots, strikes and Malicious Damage
  5. Special Perils (impact by vehicles and trees, storm, hail, wind, rain, and flood damage)
  6. Spontaneous Combustion

Covering loss or damage to, or as a result of:

  1. Theft following force or violence
  2. Money (and other negotiable instruments)
  3. Plate Glass
  4. Goods in Transit within Zimbabwe
  5. Employees Personal effects
  6. Accidental Damage to office machinery.

Cover under this policy caters for:

  1. Increase in cost of working
  2. Reduction in Turnover
  3. Following damage resulting from Fire and Allied perils

Covers costs of tracing outstanding debtors as well as compensation for untraceable debts following destruction of records.

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Engineering Insurance

The various disciplines of Engineering Insurance are:

This covers computers and ancillary equipment for sudden and unforeseen physical loss or damage.
Cover is also available for:

  1. External Data Media
  2. Reconstruction of Data
  3. Increased Cost of Working
    (Necessary and reasonable costs to cater for the following, after a material damage claim such as renting of substitute equipment and overtime wages)

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Cover: Sudden and unforeseen breakdown of the insured machinery.
The essence of this insurance is to cover machinery critical to your operations.

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Loss of profit resulting from reduction in turnover as well as increased cost of working following loss or damage covered in terms of the Machinery Breakdown policy.

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Covers accidental damage to mobile plant such as, but not limited to:

  • Fork Lifts
  • Bulldozers
  • Front-end loaders
  • Graders

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In construction projects, the contract works and materials can be insured against unforeseen damage.

Either the contractor or the principal can take out this cover.

Damage to cold store machinery can result in perishables going bad, leading to loss of income. This policy provides compensation for such damage and s suitable for:

  • Dairy Products
  • Vegetables
  • Meat Industry

If you need a quotation for a Deterioration of Stock policy, contact us

Plant and machinery in the course of erection or during commissioning is susceptible to loss or damage. The essence of this cover is to provide compensation in the event of accidental loss or damage during erection.
If you need a quotation for an Erection All Risks policy, contact us.

Organisations venture into business with profit in mind. Damage to works undergoing construction or machinery in the course of erection would result in a delay in realising profit. This policy would indemnify the policyholder for loss of future gross profit. If you need a quotation for Advance Loss of Profits, contact us

Marine Hall & Aviation

Sudden and unforeseen physical loss or damage necessitating repairs or replacement. Cover is comprehensive on the specified vessel including houseboats, third party property damage, passenger liability, contents, any other loss and tender boats.

Cover is provided specifically to the operation of aircraft and the risks involved in aviation.

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Marine Cargo

Goods being imported or exported by sea need to be covered against loss or damage. The policy caters for a diverse range of goods, be it machinery, sculpture, household items, computers, motor vehicles etc.

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In industry and commerce the potential liabilities facing organisations are a lot. Liability cover is available to provide protection. The following are some of the covers available:

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Personal Accidents

The cover afforded by this policy is in respect of compensation for death or injury to the insured person by accident. Accident in this case as defined as external violent and visible mean.
The cover is suitable for individuals and organizations and provides the following benefits:

  1. Death: Pays a multiple of one’s annual earnings to dependents of the deceased
  2. Permanent Disablement: Compensation is according to extent of disability
  3. Temporary Total Disablement: Meets the employee’s earnings for up to two years
  4. Medical Expenses: meets medical expenses arising as a result of the accident

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Other Classes

The following insurances are also available:

Cover is provided for:

  • Crops (against storm damages, fire and hailstorm and crop diseases)
  • Livestock (against diseases, fire, lightning and theft)
  • Farm Buildings and contents (against lightning fire, damages and theft of contents)
  • Farm equipment (against theft and damages)

For liability which may attach to directors or officers of the company through an act or omission on their part.

Covers negligent acts or omissions of the insured professional causing damages to their clients. This may be referred to as professional negligence.

  • Doctors and Nurse
  • Radiographers
  • Physiotherapists
  • Dentists
  • Opticians
  • Engineers and technicians
  • Surveyors

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