Our Clientele


The expanse of our clients’ base makes us the most diversified broker in Zimbabwe. We serve the following market segments: 

  •   Outright, the local television broadcast is insured through ZIB.
  •   4 in every 5 telephone calls made in Zimbabwe are insured through ZIB.
  •   Zimbabweans can be rest assured that their health is in good hands with the top pharmaceutical companies insured by ZIB.
  •   Prepare for your future and social security which is out rightly insured by ZIB.
  •   We support a clean environment in Zimbabwe which is insured by ZIB.
  •   If someone buys a newspaper in Zimbabwe, chances of that paper being insured by ZIB exceeds 90%.
  •   More than half of the public transport users in Harare board a vehicle that is insured by ZIB.
  •   We are 90% confident that the producer of most cordial drinks consumed in Zimbabwe is insured by ZIB.
  •   It is our strong contention that 85% prominent graduates from Zimbabwe passed through a tertiary institution that is insured by ZIB.
  •   It goes without saying that more than 50% of the short term insurance business is placed  to an Insurer who is also insured by ZIB.
  •   Almost 60% of housing stand s in Zimbabwe was bought from a municipality that  is insured  through ZIB.
  •   Industrial/Manufacturing
  •   Financial Institutions
  •   Corporates
  •   Non-Governmental Organizations
  •   Parastatals
  •   Small organizations
  •   Selected individuals

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